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  • On Feb 9 2012 and Feb 14 2012, Cass participated in Wyman Wong's "Concert YY" concert where she performed her famous song "Love Token", joined chorus with Joey Yung on the song "Dishearterned" and joined chorus with Anthony Wong on the song "Swirl". On Feb 14's show, Cass even took the lead and joined the ending chorus with many other famous Canto-pop stars on the song "To my ex-boyfriends"! Visit this Facebook photo album for all the gorgeous photos taken in that two nights. [ Feb16 2012 ]

  • Congratulations to Cass! It's another baby girl! [Jul28 2004]
  • Happy Birthday and Congratulations to Cass! Please note that due to pregnancy Cass resigned her performance in Bobby McFerrin's Arts Festival 2004 concert on the 10th of February. Candy Lo will be in replacement to Cass's position instead. [Feb02 2004]
  • Cass has recently changed her e-mail address. If you would like to drop Cass an e-mail, please send it to from now on. [Jan12 2003]

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